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Anyone who has ever worked in a black and white darkroom will truly understand the magic of making photographs as experienced by those in the early days of the medium. Having had the opportunity to study photography way back in the last century (pre the digital age), my passion continues for that romantic era. While I am deeply moved by exquisite B&W photos my personal expression is for image making through seeing in colour.

With the current proliferation, a glut really, of photo images made and shared via social media there is a degradation of learning about how to be selective before presenting pictures to viewers.

Some see my photographs as nothing more than casual, random snapshots. Maybe that is so, as an artist I act as both voyeur and collector. Constant in the work are images of abundance and decay. Such is life in the process of becoming memento mori, the roots of the mixed media series Charmed Anthropology, an evolution from photography to artefact.